Crimson Spider Mines Military Stock Ammo Type: Explosive Charge

Remote-detonated mine. Has a built-in camera.

Military-issue support device. The Spider mines, upon throwing, automatically attach to any surface and can then be detonated by remote control. Spider mines also have a built-in camera that allows the user to check the location it has attached itself to.

Spider mines. Come in tin containers of 5. Can be attached to some surfaces or just thrown, then detonated with a remote control. Max.: 10. Default key: 6.

6 - Mines - Throw them, then have fun detonating remotely. This is another thing that you won't get much use of. It's too easy just to kill the enemies straight out.

6-- Spider Mines Whee... Put one on the wall, and its a mine. Or, you can throw it, and detonate it by remote control.

AMMO: Mines

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