Mostly used during the underwater missions, but can be used on land. It's slow and has limited ammo though.

Brand-new weapon of SinTEK intended for underwater missions. It has just left the testing phase, but is already the hot new toy in marine warfare. The Speargun uses special aerodynamic spears and is deadly at great ranges underwater. The weapons is ineffective in dry air conditions.

Spear gun. For underwater battles; uses spears. Max.: 60. No default key assigned

1b - Speargun - (I don't know, I figured you'd be able to switch to the Speargun by holding '1' like you do with the Chaingun/Grenade Launcher. I can't seem to get it to work. So, I didn't use the speargun much) Not good. The Speargun is effective on the scuba men and those sea turtles. That's about it. You don't find much ammo for it save in the sea levels. Don't bother.

?-- Spear Gun Actually a harpoon gun, only truly useful during the underwater missions. Punctures scuba gear quite efficiently, but against foes with REAL guns, totally useless.

AMMO: Harpoons

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