Sniper Rifle Military Stock Ammo Type: Modified Cartridge

Very good long-range gun with zoom but also has a slow reloading time.

The next-generation sniper rifle is already a very popular tactical weapon. It is able to disable most ground troops with a single shot from great distance and with great accuracy. The sniper rifle comes complete with a 4Xzoom scope and retractable modules for easier transportation. However, its special sniper ammunition are extremely expensive so careful usage is recommended.

Sniper rifle. Uses sniper-rifle bullets. You can use the rifle as is or (much more effective) in the telescopic mode. Max.: 20. Default key: 0; pressing the key with the weapon already selected will toggle between the two modes.

0 - Sniper Rifle - A shot pretty much anywhere on a normal person gibs them. Slow, but ridiculously powerful. You won't find much ammo for it, and you won't even use it much. Still, it looks pretty cool.

0-- Sniper Rifle This weapon fires rare, ridiculously overpowered bullets. If you hit a standard-sized player with it, then you may have trouble finding the pieces. The major drawbacks of this weapon are definately its sluggish reload rate, as well as the insane amount of time it takes to draw and put away. As with actual sniper rifles, a head shot usually guarantees instant death.

AMMO: AP Rounds

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