ROK-12 Shotgun Street Modified Ammo Type: Shells

Close-range gun. If you shoot good enough you can gib someone with one shot.

Standard pump-action shotgun that is ideal for close-quarters battles and not effective at longer ranges. Its firepower makes it the preferred weapon for tougher skirmishes among Hardcorps personnel. The shotgun uses shells.

Shotgun. Uses shells. Max.: 50. Default key: 3.

3 - Shotgun - The Shotgun is incredibly powerful, but slow, as you have to cock it between each shot. Still, it has no problem tearing through many enemies save Super Guards and Big Guards. Be careful with this though, because you might destroy the body and lose out on armor.

3-- Shotgun Fires shells, which are big fat wads of shot. Shot is essentially composed of BB's, which in this deal almost as much damage as a bullet. The Shotgun is meant for close-range combat, since the scatter makes it useless at long range.

If you shoot an enemy at close range in the head, they usually get blown to pieces.

AMMO: Shells

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