Obtained through illegal data tap at Razor Industries:

Jake, evaluate this and get it back to me. We might need to talk to SinTEK about teaming up on a new market idea.

Sea forces at SinTEK are now even more effective. We’ve redesigned some of the newest suits to take advantage of improved polymer bonding and micro-technological advances. Our new forces are now 24% faster, can stay down longer with the new osmosis tanks, and are even more deadly with the latest weapons from Kyrell Corps. Kyrell and SinTEK have combined ideas and have now developed the first commercial auto-loading spear rifle (see enclosed brochure for more info).

The newest spectral face plates help our forces adjust to the diverse and dangerous environments that they need to work in. Our aggressive training program has yielded some of the most loyal and well-balanced group of soldiers to hit the waters since the turn of the century.

Seabonite. Blue diver.

Scuba Men - Easy pickings. Only found underwater. They're easy to kill with the spear gun. Then again, they're easy to kill with everything.

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