The new generation of personal rocket launchers distinguishes with exceptionally low weight and high accuracy. The Rocket launcher is ideal for engaging foes from afar and assaulting groups of enemy targets and heavy armor. It also has an automatic conveyor reloading system which removes the need to reload after each missile fired. The Rocket launcher uses the same rocket ammunition as the Grenade launcher.

Rocket launcher. Shares ammo with the grenade launcher (secondary firing mode of the chain gun). Max: 100. Default key: 7.

7 - Rocket Launcher - Not the god weapon of some games, but still very useful. Good for groups of enemies and tough guys like the big Bio-mechs. Ammo comes in fair amounts too, so you don't have to be TOO careful with it.

7-- Rocket Launcher Fires rockets, which are explosives propelled by a flare. Deals good damage, but sucks for close range.

AMMO: Rockets

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