You have to pick parts of this gun up during the game. Once all parts are collected this is a very powerful gun. Needs charging. If you wait too long it will explode.

Another experimentad device of SinTEK that is still in very early testing stages. It fires a shaft of molecule-tesselating matter that is deadly against everything. It is also possible to charge the shaft by holding down the trigger, although it is not recommended, because the weapon may explode if it overcharges. The Destabilizer utilizes the same plasma power supply as the Pulse cannon.

Quantum destabilizer. Shares ammo with the plasma rifle. You can hold down the Fire key for the weapon to charge; the longer you hold, the more powerful the discharge. Don't overdo it, however; the weapon may explode in your hands. Max.: 200. Default key: 9.

9 - Quantum Destabalizer - Powerful, and can be charged by holding down the button. Ammo's pretty rare, but it cuts through those Big Guards without a problem. Charge it too long and you die, charge it just right... everything else does.

9-- Quantum Destabilizer This weapon must be charged before fired. Sure, you can just tap the Fire button, but that fires a relatively weak wad. If you power it up too much, it explodes, and you die.

AMMO: Cells

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