Pulse Cannon Experimental Ammo Type: Unknown

Pulse Assault Cannon: Shoots an energy ball which creates a shock wave on impact. Lightning gun is secondary fire.

Experimental weapon of SinTEK industries. It uses special plasma energy ammunition that are still in developmental phase. It has two firing modes – plasma spheres and electron discharge. The first one is pretty much like a grenade launcher shot, but with a wider damage radius and higher damage. The second is a constant beam of energy that is useful against single enemy troops. For security reasons, SinTEK scientists have disassembled the weapon prototype and placed the parts in secured aread. To use the weapon, you must find all parts and assemble them.

Pulse rifle (a.k.a. plasma canon). Uses energy cells, same as the quantum destabilizer. Two firing modes: in the primary mode, it fires plasma balls; in the secondary mode, lightning bolts. Max.: 200. Default key: 8; pressing the key with the weapon already selected will toggle between the two modes.

8 - Plasma Gun - (Hold down 8 to change mode of fire) Fires a ball of plasma. This thing is like the big brother of the Chaingun. Remember when max ammo sounded like so much? Not anymore. Still, it does a fair amount of damage. The only problem is you won't want to waste the ammo on just anything.

8b - Plasma Gun II - Fires a laser/electricy kind of stream. I can't tell much difference between the two modes of fire.

8-- Pulse Rifle / Plasma Cannon A weapon you must assemble, the Pulse Rifle fires plasma wads that explode upon impact. The Plasma Cannon, or as I fondly call it, the Ammo Leech, fires a big bolt of plasma that deals good damage.

AMMO: Cells

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