Eon & Peon

Obtained through informant "Sledman Z":


To: Director of Research – Special Projects

Experimentation continues with the E&P project, codenamed Titan. The two subjects seem to be recovering fine from the latest batch of serums that we’ve used. Some strange side effects have been recorded in about 30% of the other test cases. That’s 5% above the projected analysis quotient. We still need to refine some of the formulas for maximum transformation.

Current case study part 1: Subject P is slowly losing cognitive thought patterns and speech has become slurred. Body weight has more than doubled and epidermal density is beyond our expectations. Eye sight has also diminished but his strength ratio is off the charts.

Case study part 2: Subject E seems to be the complete opposite. Losing over 60% of his normal body weight, the cranial lobe and synaptic neural activity have tripled. Subject E seems to have developed a rapport with Subject P and we’ve begun to train them together just like the older symbiotic programs that were scrapped a few years ago.

Progress looks good for these two subjects. Their rapport is beginning to show great promise and their training is bearing new and exciting prospects for the program. See the enclosed video for more.

Previous failures before now are being tested in another facility to see whatever benefits can be gained from these serums. Results of those studies should be back to us by the end of the month.

- JRLFS - Senior Projects Manager

Eon and Peon clones - There's only three of them in the game and they're avoidable. Pretty easy too, though it seems that the Quantum Destabalizer doesn't work on them. That's okay, because the Chaingun and Rocket Launcher do the job.

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