L2-357 Magnum Standard Issue Ammo Type: Bullet

Gun you start with. Not really good, but nice for headshots. Can be silenced.

Magnum Pistol

The basic sidearm of Hardcorps officers. It is quite popular due to its very high accuracy and low ammunition cost. Damage is also considerable, which makes the Magnum one of the best all-round weapons in the Sin universe. It uses 10mm bullets and the clip can hold 10 of them.

Magnum pistol. Shares ammo with the assault rifle. Max.: 500 plus 15 in the clip. Needs to reload after 15 shots (see the reloading notice in para. 5.A above). Default key: 2.

2 - Pistol - Your pistol can do some SERIOUS damage. Except for the boss fight you can easily go through the majority of the game headshotting your enemies with it. Ammo is more than plentiful. Plus, a big gun like that just makes you feel cool.

2-- Magnum (Reloadable) The Magnum is simply a handgun, which fires bullets. A well-placed head shot can take out those bald goons in one hit.

AMMO: 10 cal.

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