Extremely high firing rate. Great for medium range. Features a grenade launcher.

Heavy military-issue combat weapon. The extreme firepower of the Chaingun makes it the preferred weapon for taking out more armored targets. It is devastating at shorter ranges, but its usage at longer ranges is limited due to the high recoil and low accuracy.The Chaingun also has an attached Grenade launcher for taking out groups of foes easier. The weapon uses heavy 50mm bullets and rockets for the Grenade launcher attachment.

Chain gun/grenade launcher (a.k.a. high-velocity chain (HVC) gun). Two firing modes: it uses 50-mm bullets in the chain-gun mode and grenades (they double as rockets for the rocket launcher) in the grenade-launcher mode. If a grenade doesn't hit something explodable, it just falls and its explosion is delayed a bit. Max: 500/100. Default key: 5; pressing the key with the weapon already selected will toggle between the two modes.

5 - Chaingun - (Holding down "5" will switch to the Grenade Launcher) The chaingun is wildly inaccurate, but does a very nice amount of damage and never needs to reload. However, it goes through ammo like candy.

5b - Grenade Launcher - Uses rockets. Not that useful, the grenades bounce and don't detonate on impact. It'd be okay...but the rocket launcher is so much better and it's a pain to get the thing out.

5-- H.V. Chain Gun / Grenade Launcher Fires bullets ridiculously fast. The bullets do a lot of damage, possibly more than the Magnum.

If you're using the Grenade Launcher (Hit 5 while holding the chaingun to switch between the two), grenades will explode upon contact with an enemy, or as soon as its time fuse burns out.

AMMO: 50 cal./Rockets

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