Dark Captain

Obtained through illegal data tap at Razor Industries, manufacturers of the mech materials: These are the elite controllers of SinTEK’s forces. These humans clad in top of the line heavily armored compression suits offer great protection against some of the dangerous environments and creatures that they deal with on a daily basis.

The suit also contains a unique mixture which helps enhance the users abilities. Their suits augment their strength, their senses, and unfortunately their attitude. These instigators of pain don’t care much about the subjects that they oversee. They consider all others inferior to themselves and given the opportunity they will shock you into submission with their lighting probe (similar to a cattle prod).

Their main weapon, the lightning probe, has an effective range, but the power of each blast drops significantly over distance. That would be fine, but they also have a very effective close range weapon, an extended razor claw that can tear flesh down to the bone. Stay away from groups of these bad boys or you will end up looking like fried Swiss Cheese.

Dark Captain. Heavy guard armed with a stun-gun whip, encountered in Chapter Six.

Giant Guards - Probably ten feet tall and dressed in yellow armor, they attack with a weird taser kind of thing. These guys are TOUGH and don't give you a single thing when they die. Expect to expend many, many rounds of shotgun ammo or rockets before they go down. Once you start seeing them in the later missions they're about the only enemy you'll fight until the end of the game.

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