Great gun for long-range shooting. Can be silenced.

Universal weapon for more intense combat situations. The Assault rifle has acceptable accuracy at short-to-mid ranges and a very good rate of fire. The easy maintainance and low cost of the Assault rifle make it the most used weapon in the world today. It uses the same 10mm ammunition as the Magnum and uses 30-round banana clips.

Assault rifle. Uses 10-mm bullets, same as the Magnum pistol. Maximum ammo capacity: 500 plus 45 in the clip. Needs to reload after 45 shots. You can reload it manually, by pressing the Use key. However, it quickly reloads automatically and you may as well ignore this, unless you anticipate a heavy shootout and you are already low. Default key: 4.

4 - Submachine gun - Shares ammo with the pistol. A good weapon, the 45 rounds it holds will kill pretty much anything you meet until the end of the game and it has the added benefit of keeping most enemies reeling, preventing them from shooting back at you.

4-- Assault Rifle (Reloadable) Your general-purpose machine gun. Fires bullets, and fires them fast. If you're a good shot, the double-Magnum is better, since Magnum bullets mysteriously do more damage.

AMMO: 10 cal.

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